Founded in 1957, formerly known as Songyi Industrial, Swarm Top is specialized in the R&D and manufacture of sewing machine parts, which are marketed and sold to major sewing machine manufacturers all over the world.
1984 - R&D of oil-free air compressors.
1990 - Branch-out of Swamp Top from Songyi, with the air compressor modified to fit for the dental use, with a longer service life.
2013 - R&D of small oil-free booster compressor in response to industrial needs.
2015 - Joint venture with a Japanese company to sell the oil-free scroll air compressor.
Oil-Free, Unique Design
In consideration of pollution that may endanger the air quality, the company has since its inception engaged in the development of small oil-free air compressors and air pumps. The products are all oil-free, suitable for the respiratory system in the intensive care and for the dental equipment.

Quality, Experience, and Reliability

The quality has always been the core of the business operations, and the products have been highly accepted by the Taiwan medical sector, with a very high market share. With many years of business experience in the sub-tropical region, the air compressor has been proved to have excellent performance in different areas, bearing trusted quality reliability and durability. And now, the products are receiving positive comments from the markets all over Asia and Europe.

Devotion, Innovation, and Service

In addition to the persistence of quality, Swarm Top has made adapted improvement in response to the needs of different markets, and has also engaged in innovative R&D to meet the technical requirements from customers.

Product Features

Swarm Top has extended the expertise in oil-free air compressors to a variety of oil-free air pumps, producing highly reliable air quality. Through the years, improvements have been made based on customer feedbacks, and the reliability tests have ensured a higher service life of the products. The large air volume has demonstrated the excellence of operational efficiency.