Swarm Top was founded in 1960 and has more than 50 years of history.
    Our company starts up with sewing machine parts (feet-dog), this part requires a high precision work to produced, shall be like our company with professional mechanical knowledge, and specialize in hard chrome technology, in order to meet our customer quality requirements. The hard chromium processing technology is the driving force behind the development and production of our air compressor products.
    Actually engaged in Compressor Manufacturing in 1985, our company have a solid mechanical foundation, therefore we against all odds, to develop and produce our first Piston Direct Oil-Free Air Compressor, so far we are continuing the research and develop high quality air compressor, such as low noise, rust Pneumatic barrel, box-type air compressor, high pressure air compressors, vacuum machine etc.


Oil-free scroll air compressor

This is a Japanese-made air compressor sold by Swarm Top as the representative for the Taiwan market. It can work with the IE3 high-efficiency motor equipped with a touch-panel interface for easy use. With excellent air volume, it can simultaneously provide clean air to multiple dental chairs.

Oil-free Air Compressor

Small and convenient, easy to use, the machine produces oil-free sourced air suitable for dental equipment, oral appliance, and air purification. The clean air produced can prevent expensive equipment from pollution so as to extend the service life of peripheral appliances and equipments.

Oil-free booster compressor

The supercharger operates differently from the air compressor. It sucks in the air provided by the air compressor for a secondary air compression.